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Sweden has and Swedish Innovators has for hundreds of years made a global impact, here is one more to be addet to the list, by the innovators: Lars Olof Kanngard and Mats Engstrom.


ViA TAV is the short name for: Terminal Authenticity Verification, an innovation which now has got patent status.

Fake ATM and Fake POS terminals and Fake Card readers is one of the larg threats to a society using card's rather than cash.

Maybe to be more clear, if you should accec any protected erea, wether it is an account, using a card, going to an ATM machine and need to enter a code, using a finger-print or any other biometric personal identefier and the system you will use is fake or tampered with, at large, you are at risk.

Today 2013, we celebrate that CARD as a payment method has its 64 years anniversary and still today terminals verify the card you using and verifying you as the card-holder. The missing link or actually the broken link during all these years is that we as users, we as card-holder haven't had a chance to know if the machine we will use the card in, actually are a trustworthy and proper machine / card-reader I can use.

There is a lot of websites on the internet which describe the different problems we today have with as one example fake-atm machines.



The NEW and most revolutionary innovation ViA TAV (Terminal Authenticity Verification) is a very simple solution which finally allow the card, yes the card itself and you as the card-holder to be part of the verification process so you will not be fooled to use and enter your PIN code in a device, which is not a trustworthy device.

Today, when you will use a Chip based card, we hope that you as the reader do understand that a card without an intelligent built in chip, is part of the past. All the banks in the world will for sure move to CHIP based plastic card products, where the chip is not just a memory, it has a built-in functionality as well as it can handle security and also handle encryption, to truly protect your, the cardholders data and in many cases the money.

So when you insert your Chip Based card in any type of terminal, device which can read the card (chip on the card) the first question will be:

ViA TAV is an important milestone in the IT revelotuion and the use of electronic devices to access account, values and make transactions or any other access where you would use a PIN code in combination with, as an example a card.

Here you will find all the facts and also the patent documents.



If you want to read more about the patent please click here.


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